ace attorney movie

I don’t usually post trailers for foreign films, but I absolutely had to talk about this Takashi Miike-directed adaptation of one of my all-time favourite videogame series.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was a role playing game that had you search for evidence that would help you win a simulated court case.  Because the game is mostly images and text, it is probably closer to an interactive novel, than a true game.  The game (and its many sequels) is probably one of my favourite (non-Mario) series for the Nintendo DS.

I was actually a bit surprised when I found out there as a film adaptation of the game (which was already released in Japan last February).  Based on the trailer, the film seems to be a very close adaptation to the plot of the first game.  The film even seems to feature some of the more fantastically elements of the games, like spirit mediums (and a lot of dramatic finger pointing).

I definitely hope that this film gets some sort of North American release (even if it’s direct-to-video), since I would be quite interested in checking it out.

As a bonus, here’s the trailer for the original videogame:

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