Trailer Thoughts: The Amazing Spider-Man


A new trailer has just debuted for the new reboot of the Spider-Man series, which is directed by Marc Webb and stars , , and .

One thing that's apparent by this trailer is that they are trying greatly contrast this film with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films.  Not only are there obvious differences, such as the fact that Spider-Man has returned to using mechanical web-shooters, but it's also apparent that they are aiming for a somewhat more dark and gritty look to the film, as if they were making this the Dark Knight of Spider-Man films.

I'm not completely sold on Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and I feel his voice isn't the best fit for the character.  Maybe it's just because I'm so used to  in the role, it will probably take longer for me to accept Garfield.  That said, I do like the return of Spider-Man's sarcasm.

This trailer also shows off Rhys Ifans as Curt Connors/The Lizard.  While the latter is only seen in brief flashes, I'm quite confident that Ifans is going to make a great villain.  I quite look forward to seeing more of him.

Overall, even though I still have some apprehensions over the whole reboot thing, there's still enough to like in this trailer to get me excited to see the film when it opens on July 3.

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