Trailer Thoughts: Casa de mi Padre


goes español in this new Western spoof.

I took one look at this trailer and I instantly thought “what the hell?”  Who would have thought that Will Ferrell can speak Spanish or that he would go as far and star in an entirely Spanish-language Western-Comedy.   The film looks to be both a spoof of Westerns in general, with a few added jokes in the trailer about the perceived prestige of foreign language films.

I would say that language is probably the biggest challenge for the film.  Is Will Ferrell's star power high enough to attract people to see a film that is nearly entirely subtitled (for the record, there is at least one English language scene, as seen in the trailer)?  That said, I do like how Will Ferrell is being advertised as a newcomer amongst the, mostly Mexican, cast – complete with a Spanish emphasis on his name.

Casa de mi Padre does look like it will be an interesting film and I'll probably try to check it out when it opens in March.

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