Trailer Thoughts: Paranormal Activity 2 – Teaser


The teaser trailer was just released for the inevitable sequel to last year's breakthrough horror hit .  I should make a warning that people who have not seen the original should probably try not to watch the trailer, since does give away the end of the film (I hate when trailers do that).

As much as it can be admitted that creating a sequel to Paranormal Activity is about as obvious a cash grab as there can be, at the very least it seems that the producers are not trying to fix what is not broken.  However, like all sequels, this film looks like it is attempting to be “bigger” by now showing the hauntings in multiple rooms.

By the looks of this trailer, it seems that the film looks like it might actually be decent.  However, I am still a little pessimistic that it will be able to match the level of fright that was present in the first film.

 opens on October 22.

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