Trailer Thoughts: The Strangers and Quarantine

This week we are going to look at the trailers for a couple upcoming Horror films.

The Strangers

The trailer for this film, staring Liv Tyler and , is effectively creepy. I like how the masked invaders in this film are frequently shown hiding in the background. I definitely will give this film a shot when it opens May 30.


This seems to be continuing the “DocuHorror” trend started nine years ago by The Blair Witch Project and has been continuing this year with films like Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead. This film almost looks like a combination of those two films. I can't really tell much from the trailer except that the film stars Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and that there seems to be some sort of infection in the building that turns people, into what it looks like, zombies. Whether or not I decide to see this film, when it opens October 17, depends on how much I think the film will make me motion sick.

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