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Trailer Thoughts: The World’s End

theworldsend It's been nine years since Edgar Wright directed, his first film collaboration with and Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead in 2004, with Hot Fuzz following in 2007.  Now it is time for so-called “Cornetto Trilogy” to conclude with , featuring a pub crawl of apocalyptic proportions. While Shaun of the Dead tackled zombies and Hot Fuzz spoofed both action and slasher films, The World's End seems to be all about an alien invasion.  A group of friends return to their hometown to reattempt an epic 12 bar pub crawl, only to find out that all of the townsfolk have been taken over by aliens with glowing blue eyes.  In some ways this can be seen as a bit of a rehash of Shaun of the Dead, with the aliens taking the place of the zombies.  However, I still think that this looks to be a very fun movie and I quite look forward to checking it out when it opens in August (and see how they plan on fitting an Cornetto brand ice cream cone into the plot).

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