Oscars 2024 Nominee Reactions (Podcast Cover)
Sean Kelly on Movies Podcast
Reacting to 2024 Oscar Nominations!

Join me in this exciting journey as we delve into the buzz and anticipation surrounding the 96th Academy Awards nominations. In this video, I’ll be running down the list of nominated films, sharing my reactions, and exploring the diverse cinematic landscape that has captured the attention of the Academy. Curiosity abounds as we uncover which film secured the most nominations and speculate on the potential frontrunners for the prestigious awards. Stay tuned to discover how many of these acclaimed films I have already seen, and let’s embark on this cinematic adventure together. From groundbreaking performances to compelling storytelling, we’ll navigate the intriguing lineup that defines the 96th Academy Awards. Don’t miss out – hit play and join the conversation on this celebration of excellence in the world of film!

Reacting to 2024 Oscar Nominations! Video Podcast

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