Returning (Again) to the Humber (with Video)

Humber CinemaIf you recall, back in July I wrote that the Humber Cinema had lost me as a patron after the incident, which saw the landlord Claude Bitton essentially hijack the cinema away from manger Rui Pereira, after Pereira spent a lot of work refurbishing the cinema.  At the time I thought the cinema had lost its integrity as a result. Well, time heals all wounds and I decided to return to the Humber this weekend to see Taken 2.  I have to admit that the theatre seems to be doing well.  The renovations (including the installation of two extra screening rooms) are now complete and the theatre has switched to digital projection, which means it will still be able to operate after 35mm is (sadly) discontinued. To mark my return to the Humber, I decided to shoot a little video of me touring around the cinema.  There is a bit of a twist at the end involving which screening room I enter for the film. All and all, my faith in the Humber is now pretty much restored, after the fiasco last summer, and I’ll probably resume attending the theatre on a semi-regular basis.  Of course, on the other side of the coin, Rui Pereira has no love lost for the Humber and in fact posted a message on the Facebook page for the Kingsway Cinema in which he essentially brags about the fact that the Kingsway is going to be screening The Dark Knight Rises in “full quality” 35mm, as opposed to the “downgraded” 2K digital projection of the Humber. As much as I’m supporter of film, I do have to say that statement was a little uncalled for and the fact that he can’t seem to put his feud with Claude Bitton to rest is making his ejection from the Humber seem more justifiable.  I guess you just can’t please everyone.

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