Save Yourself – Blood in the Snow 2015


A group of five female filmmakers find themselves tormented at an isolated farmhouse in . Following a film premiere, director Crystal Lacroix (Tristan Risk), producer Dawn Sommerville (Lara Mrkoci), screenwriter Lizzy Miller (Caleigh Le Grand), and actress sisters Kim and Sasha Tobin (Jessica Cameron and Tianna Nori) are on their way to Los Angeles for their next screening. After stopping in a rest area, Crystal vanishes, resulting in the rest of the girls going off to look for her. They come across an isolated farmhouse occupied by Chris Sauter () and his wife Astrid (Elma Begovic), who turn out to be deranged Nazis hellbent on experimenting on the girls.

One thing that is immediately notable about Save Yourself is that the film has a very female-centric cast, with there only being about two major male roles in the film. While initially appearing helpful towards the girls, Chris Sauter quickly reveals himself as a deranged German scientist, whose work involves experimenting on young, beautiful women. As a result, these five young filmmakers have to band together and find a way to escape this madman.

Despite having a very strong female cast, Save Yourself is a film with a quite ridiculous premise, which is made even more absurd by the over-the-top German accents put on by Ry Barrett and Elma Begovic. Despite this absurdity, the film also borders a bit on torture porn, as these women are subjected to horrible experiments and/or brutal deaths. While ultimately Save Yourself is about these women standing up for themselves and fighting back, it only comes after a whole lot of torment and a pretty high body count.

7 / 10 stars
7  FAIR  


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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