Capture Kill Release – Blood in the Snow 2016


A married couple plan and film the perfect murder in . Jenn (Jennifer Fraser) has just purchased to new video camera for a new documentary project with her husband Farhang (Farhang Ghajar). It quickly becomes apparent that the couple are in the process of planning and perpetrating a random homicide. While Farhang initially goes along with Jenn's plan, he starts to have second thoughts once things start to get real.

Capture Kill Release is a found footage film that shows a young twenty-something couple planning to commit a murder. Things start off somewhat lighthearted, as the couple go shopping for killing tools and end up getting turned on as they plan the details of the murder. However, it soon becomes apparent that Jenn is the true sociopath and Farhang is only participating because he loves her. This results in some tension when it is time for them to do the deed.

Capture Kill Release is a twisted little “sociopath romance,” which moves between being darkly humorous and incredibly disturbing. The plot of the film is hinged on the performances of the two leads, with Jenn being extremely excited about committing a murder and Farhang getting increasingly uneasy about her exuberance. There are scenes in this film that made me cringe, which shows that Capture Kill Release is doing its job as a horror film. The film also features a pretty compelling answer to they “why do they keep filming” question often asked during found footage films. Overall, Capture Kill Release is funny, disturbing, and just plain twisted.

8 / 10 stars
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Sean Patrick Kelly
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