Booger – Fantasia 2023

The quite gross body-horror of this film somewhat overtakes its themes about overcoming grief.

Booger – Fantasia 2023

Runtime: 01:18
After the death of her best friend Izzy, Anna focuses all her attention on Booger, the stray cat which she and Izzy took in. When Booger bites her, she begins to undergo a strange transformation.

After the death of her best friend, a woman obsesses over their missing cat in . Anna () is a young woman grieving the death of her best friend Izzy (). While cleaning, Anna is bitten by Izzy's grumpy cat Booger, who proceeds to jump out the window. To the concern of her boyfriend Max () and others in her life, Anna begins obsessing over Booger's disappearance, while also beginning to act strangely.

Booger Synopsis

Booger is the debut feature film from writer and director Mary Dauterman. The film stars Grace Glowwicki (Strawberry Mansion) as Anna, who is in a deep state of grief over the death of her best friend Izzy, played in video flashback by Sofia Dobrushin, to the point where she has been ignoring calls from work and her landlord. Anna begins obsessing over Izzy's missing cat Booger and, presumably as the result of an infected bite, begins developing cat-like behaviours herself.

My Thoughts on Booger

Booger is probably a film that will become best known for its gross-out body-horror moments, such as Anna coughing up hairballs into toilets or devouring a can of cat food. However, the film is ultimately about Anna's reluctance to give in to the grief over the death of her friend, using their missing cat as a distraction. Then there's the very weird cameo by (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream), which you probably wouldn't be able to unsee.

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