Brother – TIFF Canada’s Top Ten 2022

An affecting story of two brothers in 1990s Scarborough

Brother – TIFF Canada’s Top Ten 2022

Two brothers facing questions of masculinity, family, race and identity.

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The bond between two brothers in 1990s Scarborough is examined in . Michael () grew up with his older brother Francis () looking after him, while their mother Ruth () worked late nights. In 2001, Michael lives on his own with a mentally broken Ruth when he is reunited with his former flame Aisha (). This spurs memories of Michael's teenage years in the early 1990s, including what happened to Francis.

Brother Synopsis

Brother is a drama written and directed by Clement Virgo, based on the 2017 novel of the same name by David Chariandy. The film tells the story of two brothers growing up in the then-city of Scarborough in the early 1990s, where they frequently dealt with gang violence and racial profiling by the police. The narrative moves back and forth between three different time periods, including Michael and Francis as children, as teenagers in 1991, and finally, an adult Michael in 2001, trying to put the past to rest.

My Thoughts on Brother

It doesn't take long to figure out that Brother is about the protagonist Michael and his mother, Ruth, who are still dealing with the apparent death of Michael's older brother Francis a decade prior. However, Brother does keep the circumstances surrounding what happened to Francis a mystery until the very end, with the eventual reveal being quite relevant in today's political climate. Brother ends up being a very affecting look and the bond and life of these two brothers in 1990s Scarborough.

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