An aging porn star hopes to to break into a legit acting career for his teenage daughter in . Colton “The Cannon” Clemens (Bob Frazer) is a man from a revered acting pedigree, who settled for a career in adult entertainment after his actress mother was afflicted with ALS. When he learns that he too might have the disease, Colton decides to make one last attempt at a legitimate acting career, if only to make his teenage daughter Izzy (Megan Charpentier).

In The Cannon, writer/director Marshall Axani tells the story of Colton “The Cannon” Clemens, who is one of the world's most successful porn stars, though it's a fact that he tries to keep secret from his daughter Izzy. With there being an upcoming film based on a play his mother starred in, Colton desperate tries to get an audition with the film's director Gina (Fiona Hogan). However, at the same his “family” in the adult industry needs Colton's help to court sleazy new financier Ryker (James Neate).

I'm going to be quite blunt and say that there are many aspects of The Cannon, which are not at all easy to watch, as it delves into some of the worst aspects of the adult entertainment industry, particularly an extended sequence that sees Colton and his fellow actor/girlfriend Natalie (Teagan Vincze) perform a progressively more degrading scene for Ryker. However, if you are able to stomache that aspect of the film, The Cannon is ultimately a heartwarming story about a father wanting to be looked up to by his daughter.

6 / 10 stars


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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