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A teenage prostitute has to adjust to life with a new foster family in . Natalie (Julia Sarah Stone) is young woman working as a truck stop prostitute for her boyfriend/pimp Ryan (Steven Love), who has given her the nickname “Honey Bee.” One night, Natalie is arrested by undercover detective Walker (Maurice Dean Wint) and is sent to live in foster care with Louise () on farm. Becoming acquainted with fellow foster kids Matt (Connor Price) and Chante (Michelle McLeod), Natalie has to learn to appreciate this new chance at life.


Director Rama Rau (League of Exotique Dancers) makes her transition from documentary to narrative filmmaking with this drama about a teenage prostitute taken off the streets and sent into foster care. Honey Bee stars rising young actress Julia Sarah Stone (Wet Bum, Allure) as the titular protagonist, who has to make some major adjustments when she finds under the strict foster care of Louise, who is played by former child actress
Martha Plimpton (The Goonies). Even though she pines to return to her previous life with Ryan, Natalie soon comes to learn that her new living situation is probably a better one.

Since first gaining attention five years ago with the coming of age film Wet Bum, Julia Sarah Stone has become one the quickest rising stars in Canadian film, with her going on to star in increasingly challenging roles. Stone's performance is arguably the highlight of Honey Bee, which does suffer from a few structural issues with the plot, with the conclusion of the film feeling a bit rushed. However, I would still say that Honey Bee is a pretty solid drama.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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