Chorokbam – Fantasia 2022


Chorokbam – Fantasia 2022

Chorokbam… β€œGreen night.” The night of envy. Or is it fate? A night guard discovers a dead cat hanging by its neck during one of his shifts. As if struck by a vision of things to come, a bad omen, his familial life starts crumbling. His overworked wife grows further exasperated and a son, working as social worker, barely makes ends meet. As if cursed, or predetermined, the further death of a relative begins unraveling buried family secrets.

The life of a family begins to crumble in . On a green-tinted night, an elderly security guard () finds a cat hanging from a piece of playground equipment. This bad omen sets the stage for the downfall of the guard and his family, which includes fights with his wife () about the guard's bad habits and their son (), who does not know whether he should marry his girlfriend ().

Chorokbam, which translates into “Green Night,” is a very slow-burning drama and the debut feature from Korean filmmaker Yoon Seo-jin. While a technically profound film, which makes much use of green-tinted lighting, there isn't particularly a lot to say about the film.

Chorokbam is such a slow-burn of a film that there isn't a lot that happens in the film's 89-minute running time. While thematically a movie about grief and depression, it is never entirely apparent what the film's actual story is. Chorokbam has a few interesting individual moments, but it is ultimately a bit too slow-paced for my liking.

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