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awkwardsexualadventureThis was definitely an interesting film for me to finish off Canada's Top Ten with… As you may have guessed from the title, is a comedy about an accountant in Winnipeg named Jordon (), who is dumped by his, somewhat shallow, girlfriend for not being that exciting in bed.  Jordon goes alone on a trip to Toronto and there he meets a stripper named Julia (), who happens to have major financial problems.  They make an arrangement and Jordon tells Julia that he will help her manage her finances if she would be his “sex Yoda” and teach him to be a better lover. The film definitely lives up to its title and Jordon ends up in a lot of awkward situations on his quest for sexual awakening, which I found to be quite hilarious at times.  As you can tell from the film's, somewhat risqué poster, a cantaloupe plays a major role in this film and I will never see that fruit in the same way ever again. Of course, the film isn't perfect.  Despite the high amount of sexual content in the film, My Awkward Sexual Adventure is still a romantic comedy and the film seems to fall victim to many of that genre's clichés.  In fact, it wasn't until Julia enters the film in the second act that I truly found myself enjoying the film.  Before then, everyone that Jordon interacts with are unlikeable, stereotypical characters.  While this may be intentional, to show how terrible Jordon's life was, it was still not too fun to watch. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed My Awkward Sexual Adventure.  At the very least, it's a crowd-pleasing film and I definitely had a fun time watching it (no matter awkward it may be).8 | LIKED IT

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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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