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TADFF 2023 Review Daniel's Gotta Die
This film contains the following triggers that may be alluded to in this review: Animal cruelty or animal death

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The greedy children of a millionaire plan to kill their younger brother for his share of the inheritance. Daniel Powell (Joel David Moore) is the youngest child of millionaire Edward James Powell (Iggy Pop). Daniel, who just got engaged to marry Emily (Chantel Riley), meets his father on his deathbed and expresses the desire to unite his older siblings Mia (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Victor (Jason Jones), and Jessica (Carly Chaikin) together as a family. However, Edward instead throws out his original will and gives all his inheritance to Daniel. According to Edward’s assistant Laurence (Bob Sagat), the siblings will only get a share if they can spend the weekend together at the family beach house. As a result, Mia, Victor, and Jessica all plot to kill Daniel and take the money for themselves.

Daniel’s Gotta Die Synopsis

Daniel’s Gotta Die is a dark comedy directed by Jeremy LaLonde (James vs His Future Self) starring Joel David Moore (Avatar) as the titular Daniel, the sole inheritor of his millionaire father Edward’s fortune. Mary Lynn Rajskub (24), Jason Jones, and Carly Chaikin (Mr. Robot) co-star as Daniel’s ingreatful siblings Mia, Victor, and Jessica, who all come up with their plans to kill Daniel before the weekend is through; however, in Jessica’s case, she sends her mailman-disguised boyfriend Pierce (Dax Ravina) to do the deed. At the same time, upon learning he does not receive a share of the fortune, Edward’s assistant Laurence plans to steal the money while the siblings fight among themselves.


My Thoughts on Daniel’s Gotta Die

Despite having a plot set-up that’s not unlike a murder mystery such as Knives Out, I would have to describe Daniel’s Gotta Die as less a whodunnit and more a whodoesint. Almost every character in the film except for Daniel, his fiance Emily, and Mia’s poor and suffering assistant Carter (Varun Saranga) are horrible human beings. However, they also end up being incredibly incompetent, and part of the fun of watching Daniel’s Gotta Die is the hilarity that ensues as they fail to kill one person. As such, Daniel’s Gotta Die is one entertaining look at sibling rivalry at its worst.

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Daniel's Gotta Die (2022)
Runtime:91 minutes
Director:Jeremy LaLonde
Countries:Canada, United States
Daniel Powell
Jessica Powell
Victor Powell
Edward Powell
Emily Montgomery
Pierce / Mailman
Production companies:
Daniel's plan to reconnect with his family hits a snag when he discovers they all want to kill him for his inheritance.
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