We Are the Flesh


Two siblings are encouraged by a mysterious man to engage in taboo and forbidden acts in . Lucio (Diego Gamaliel) and Fauna (María Evoli) are a brother and sister find themselves in a dilapidated building, occupied by the sadistic and peverted Mariano (Noé Hernández). Mariano makes the siblings do whatever he demands, whether it be eating the food he gives them or performing renovations around the building. However, most importantly Mariano tells the siblings that they shouldn't be afraid of their grotesque thoughts.

We Are the Flesh is an incredibly messed up debut feature film from Mexican filmmaker Emiliano Rocha Minter. When he is first introduced, Mariano is a bearded man with the crazed smile, who is preparing some sort of concoction in a large steel drum. When the siblings Lucio and Fauna arrive in the building, Mariano essentially turns them into his slaves. While his demands to Lucio and Fauna initially seem innocent enough, he eventually wants the siblings to give into their primal urges and engage in various taboo acts, including incest, necrophilia, rape, cannibalism, and a full on orgy.

We Are the Flesh is a like a Gaspar Noé film that takes place in the depths of Hell. With its firey orange colour scheme and extremely explicit sex, We Are the Flesh is a sinful film to say the least. This is not really a film that is going to be to everyone's tastes and most that do like it will probably need to say twenty Hail Mary's afterwards. However, it can be agreed that We Are the Flesh is one crazy party.

5 / 10 stars


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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