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A group of security guards struggle to survive an attack by vampires (and clowns) in . A young rookie (Max Gray Wilbur) reports for his first day of duty as a night watchman at the Baltimore Gazette. Not bother to ask his name, the team of Ken (), Jiggetts (Kevin Jiggetts), and Luca (Dan DeLuca) just end up calling the rookie Rajeeve due to the nametag on his hand-me-down shirt. It is a fairly eventless night, other than various employees, which includes Ken's crush Karen (Kara Luiz). However, when the body of Blimpo the Clown, who died under mysterious circumstances in Romania, is accidentally delivered to the building, it kicks of a night of terror.

The Night Watchmen is a horror-comedy and a group of security guards, who find themselves in the midst of a vampire attack. The inciting incident of this invasion of the undead is when graverobbing employee Randall (James Remar) opens up the casket of, the now vampiric, Blimpo, who proceeds to attack and turn most of the employees at the Baltimore Gazette. Only the Night Watchmen and employee Karen remain uninfected and they struggle to make it through the night, as they are surrounded by increasingly powerful vampires.

The very fact that The Night Watchmen heavily features vampire clowns makes it obvious that this isn't a film that really shouldn't be taken all that seriously. While the plot of the film is quite ridiculous at times, it is also quite fun to watch. In fact, The Night Watchmen almost has an Evil Dead level of splatter comedy, as gallons of blood and other fluids get sprayed other the course of this film. If you like fun and ridiculous vampire films, I'd recommend giving The Night Watchmen a watch.

8 / 10 stars
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