A zombie apocalypse breaks out immediate after Quebec separates from Canada in Punk Fu Zombie. Thanks to the efforts of Charles Maurice (St├ęphane Messier), Quebec has finally gained independence from Canada. However, it came at a major price, as the undead began rising. Twenty years later, the land has been divided into two warring district and Charles sends his son Zak (Xavier Dumontier) to fulfill his prophecy to save Quebec. Along the way, Zak encounters a tribe of anarchist ninjas lead by Lilly (Kim de Falc) and PCP (Kaven Dion), the human embodiment of the devil.

Punk Fu Zombie is an extremely microbudget zombie apocalypse film created by the people at Douteux.org. The film uses Quebec’s longtime quest for independence as the jumping off point for a story that includes zombies, ninjas, and weed-smoking punks. Punk Fu Zombie features a bareboned plot plot involving video game addicted loser Zak, who is forced by his crazed father to go on a quest to save Quebec before a prophesy comes true in three days. While Zak doesn’t share the same beliefs of his father, it soon becomes apparent that there is a bigger fight to win.

Probably a good description of Punk Fu Zombie is that it is like Turbo Kid if it was made as a Wakaliwood production. Featuring bad acting, bad effects, and plot that frankly doesn’t make a lick of sense, it is hard to figure out whether I should file Punk Fu Zombie under “so bad it’s good” or “just plain bad.” I would say that one thing that the film has going against is that the film’s 105 minute running time is way too long for a microbudget film like this. If nothing else, Punk Fu Zombie is a film to watch ironically, possibly while stoned.

5 / 10 stars

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