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A broken hearted warrior goes on an epic quest in a dystopian world in . The love between Jung and Maria is disrupted by the arrival of Petite Jesus, who brings on a new age of violence. Left broken hearted when Maria is casually decapitated, Jung begins to develop the skills needed to win again Petite Jesus and his deformed creations, with him gaining the assistance of folks such as mustachioed Mary-Magdaline and the gigantic cannibal ThunderDominic.

Crisis Jung is a ten episode series by the French animation group Bobbypills. Each episode features Jung and his comrades facing off against a monstrous creation of Petite Jesus, each of which specializes in a specific virtue, such as tenderness, tolerance, confidence, charity, and maturity. The initial encounter between Jung and the creatures often ends in defeat, with Jung bearing his soul to a mystic therapist, who helps Jung to develop new ultra-violent abilities to defeat his enemies.

Crisis Jung is an animated adventure that comes off as Heavy Metal on steroids, being filled with much grotesque violent and sexual imagery. The main issue I have with Crisis Jung is how each episode repeats plot points, with only slight variations. The film also has a very twisted and messed up sense of humor and it's not really for everyone. Frankly, I started growing tired the the repetitive nature of Crisis Jung a few episodes in and I was somewhat relieved when it was finally over.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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