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A trio of college freshmen get more that they bargain for they try to join an extremely exclusive fraternity in . David (Zack Weiner), Ethan (Phillip Andre Botello), and Justin (Zachary Byrd) are three college freshmen, who find themselves shunned by most of the campuses fraternities. The three are approached by Rachel (Erica Boozer), who invites them to a party at an isolated country mansion hosted by Max (), Bret (Jesse Pimental), and Ricky (Cameron Cowperthwaite). Along with Sam (Jean-Louis Droulers) and Ben (Joe Gallagher), the three are invited to become pledges at this exclusive club. However, it turns out that the fraternities hazing methods are quite extreme and possibly deadly.

From director Daniel Robbins comes the frat boy horror film Pledge. After being shunned by nearly every fraternity on campus, David, Ethan, and Justin find themselves having a surprisingly good time at party hosted by an exclusive club in the country. However, when they arrive the next day to being pledges for this fraternity, they find themselves inflicted with torture-like hazing methods, involving branding irons, putrid purees, and rats. It soon becomes a question of not whether these friends can make it into this fraternity, but whether they can made it out alive.

Pledge is a film that starts off seeming like a dark comedy and ends up progressing into some quite disturbing to watch frat boy torture porn. Specifically, a scene that has the pledges forced to ingest pureed animal carcasses is enough to make any viewer want to vomit. In some aspects, Pledge can be compared to the 2013 film Cheap Thrills, except with a lot less comedy. While Pledge does succeed at being a horrific horror film, it is not the type of film that everyone is going to be able to stomach.


  • Thursday, July 26, 3:15 PM – Salle J.A. De Sève
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