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An undead teenage girl befriends blind boy in . Mina (Nadia Alexander) is a cannibalistic undead teenager, who haunts an isolated forested area known as the “Devil's Den.” After dispatching of a fugitive criminal that enters the area, Mina meets the criminal's blinded hostage Alex (Toby Nichols). Mina decides to help Alex get back to safety and in doing so begins to regain some of her humanity.

The Dark is twisted fairytale from writer/director Justin P. Lange that focuses on the connection formed by two lost souls. When Mina in introduced, she is a near-feral monster, who kills and consumes anyone who invades the Devil's Den. However, Mina begins to lose her animalistic instincts when she encounters Alex and flashbacks illustrate her tragic history of being abused by her mother's boyfriend. Regaining her humanity, Mina is determined to help Alex get to safety.

While The Dark features its share of horror violence and gore, the film is ultimately a character study of two lost souls. This is particular true when it come's to Mina's story, who begins as a monster and becomes a quite tragic figure. Overall, I would say that The Dark is a film that I would recommend to anyone who like fairytales with a layer of darkness.

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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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