Fantasia 2019: Blood on Her Name

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A woman struggles with guilt following an accidental killing in . In the aftermath of an apparent robbery gone wrong, Leigh Tiller (Bethany Anne Lind) is left with a dead body on the floor of her garage. Leigh's initial response is to try and dispose of the body, but she becomes wracked with guilt when she finds out about the victim's girlfriend Dani (Elisabeth Röhm) and son Travis (Jack Andrews). Leigh decides to return the body to the family, but it only serves to make the situation go from bad to worse.

Blood on Her Name is a gritty Southern crime thriller from director Matthew Pope and starring Bethany Anne Lind (Ozark) as a woman struggling with the aftermath of an accidental killing. Leigh has a lot on her plate, with her ex-husband in jail and her son Ryan (Jared Ivers) dealing with some legal problems. Leigh also has a difficult relationship with her father Richard (), who despite being a police officer has a history of making morally ambiguous decisions. The only truly positive influence in Leigh's life is garage employee Reynoso Dias (Jimmy Gonzales), who tries his best to help Leigh with her situation.

Blood On Her Name

Blood on Her Name is a very intimate Southern Gothic crime thriller, which focuses on only a half dozen or so characters. The film kicks off right at the inciting incident, as Leigh is left having to deal with a dead body in the middle of her garage. Thus begins an existential crisis for Leigh, who wants to both protect the wellbeing of her son, while also wanting to do the right thing. Overall, Blood on Her Name is a quite well-done thriller and well worth checking out.

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