Flee the Light – Blood in the Snow 2021

Flee the Light

Flee the Light – Blood in the Snow 2021

A psychology student attempts to cure her sister’s crippling psychosis only to expose them both to its origin: an ancient creature intent on claiming their souls.

Two sisters try to ward off a demon that hunts in the light in . Andra () is worried about the well-being of her sister Delfi (), who has been showing signs of mental illness. However, Delfi comes to believe that she and Andra are part of a coven of witches led by Kata (), who Delfi believes has the power to relieve her of the burden she carries. However, the presence that is plaguing Delfi soon switches its focus to Andra and Delfi must make the ultimate sacrifice to save her sister's soul.

Flee the Light is the debut feature film for writer and producer Jennifer Mancini and director Alexandra Senza. The film is a supernatural horror film about two sisters, one of whom believes she is being hunted by a demonic presence. Andra and Delfi travel to North Bay seeking answers and come across a modern coven in the form of a downtown nightclub, where Andra finds herself drawn to hitchhiker Sid (). However, Andra also attracts the demonic presence that has been plaguing Delfi, leaving Andra's soul in immense danger.

Flee the Light is a well-produced film and I also appreciate the musical choice of The Tea Party's 1995 hit “Sister Awake” for a pivotal scene. However, I thought that the film suffered from lacklustre writing that it is almost laughable at times. Also, Flee the Light is a horror film that doesn't really go full-horror until the climax, instead of focusing more on covens of dancing witches. Flee the Light is a film that will probably find its audience, but it's a film that I was never fully on board with.

Flee the Light screened as part of the 2021 Blood in the Snow Film Festival

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