Fly – Hot Docs 2024

Fly Hot Docs 2024
Featuring anxiety-inducing cinematography, this is a documentary made to be seen on the biggest screen possible.

Fly – Hot Docs 2024

Runtime: 02:00
Over seven years, three couples involved in the extreme sport of BASE jumping test the limits of love and life itself. Risking everything for the thrill of the jump, their dedication is put to the ultimate test.

Table of Contents

Three couples share their love of BASE jumping in . Beginning as an outlaw act, BASE jumping has become known as one of the most extreme sports. Jimmy and Marta of Moab, Utah are two of the pioneers of this death-defying hobby and they lead a group that also includes couple Scotty and Julia. Meanwhile in Norway, Amber and Espen have defined their relationship through the wingsuit jumps they do together, which includes a move into competitive BASE jumping.

Fly Synopsis

Fly is a documentary produced by National Geographic Films and directed by Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz. The film was shot over seven years and makes use of Go-Pro footage to give viewers a first-person perspective of what the very dangerous sport of BASE jumping is like. These athletes knowingly put themselves into a lethal situation, which adds to the thrill that BASE jumping brings.

My Thoughts on Fly

As both films are produced by National Geographic, Fly can be seen as a spiritual successor to the Oscar-winning Free Solo. Both films depict death-defying sports with anxiety-inducing cinematography that is made to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Also, without giving too much away, Fly highlights the danger of BASE jumping by the sheer fact that not all the film's central subjects escape the film unscathed. While there's a chance that the film can give you major vertigo, Fly is a documentary that can't be missed!

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