Ghosting Gloria – Fantasia 2021


Ghosting Gloria – Fantasia 2021

A single 30-year-old who has never had an orgasm, finally finds her ideal lover but the only caveat is that he doesn’t inhabit the world of the living.

A lonely woman ends up having a passionate affair with the ghost haunting her apartment in . Gloria (Stefania Tortorella) is a bookstore employee, who is in desperate need of getting laid, at least according to her co-worker Sandra (). In addition, Gloria is finding it difficult to sleep in her apartment, due to her amorous neighbours and she ends up renting a new apartment recommended by Sandra, whose previous tenant recently died suddenly. Soon after moving in, Gloria begins to experience ghostly activity in the apartment and it isn't long until the activity becomes sexual. This passionate ghost affair is the best relationship Gloria has had in ages but is it possible to love someone who is not living?

Ghosting Gloria is a quirky supernatural romantic comedy from Uruguay, directed by Marcela Matta and . The titular Gloria is a meek bookseller, who has major problems with her non-existent love life, unlike her very promiscuous co-worker and friend Sandra. Gloria is initially hesitant when the ghostly presence in her new apartment, begins sexual advances on her, but she soon accepts this new connection, even calling a medium for help when the activity dissipates. However, Gloria must decide whether this ghostly connection is enough or if she is better off seeing someone who is living?

I came into Ghosting Gloria expecting a film where a woman has a love affair with a ghost and that is exactly the film that I got. This is a film that follows all the typical romantic comedy tropes, except with a supernatural twist. Overall, Ghosting Gloria ends up being a completely harmless film, though it does end up running about half an hour too long, with the story somewhat falling apart a bit in the final act.

Ghosting Gloria streamed as part of the virtual 2021 Fantasia Film Festival

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