Hey Viktor
A crude yet hilarious mockumentary about the perception of fame.

Hey, Viktor!

Release Date: March 15, 2024
Runtime: 01:42
Twenty-five long years after his time in the limelight, former child actor Cody Lightning tries to revive his fortunes with a self-produced sequel to Smoke Signals

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A former child actor tries to make a sequel to a film he had a bit part in . is living off the fact that he had a bit part in the 1998 film Smoke Signals, playing the child version of Adam Beach's protagonist Victor Joseph. Cody hopes to produce a sequel to Smoke Signals with the help of his producer and friend Kate Columbo () and Uncle Reggie (). Getting funding from gun-toting German Chomsky (), Cody tries to bring back the Smoke Signals cast but only successfully recruits his fellow former child star .

Hey, Viktor! Synopsis

Hey, Viktor! is a semi-autobiographical mockumentary co-written, directed by and starring Cody Lightning, who is most recently known for his supporting role on the Marvel Spotlight series Echo. In the film, Cody depicts himself as an alcoholic has-been, who is living off the fact that he had a few minutes of screen time in the film Smoke Signals. Cody believes that the documentary crew following him is filming his efforts to produce Smoke Signals 2, but is part of an intervention reality series produced by Craig Broner ().

However, Cody Lightning hijacks the film crew, as he sets off to fulfil his dreams of making his sequel. However, when he receives funding from German indigenous enthusiast Chomsky, he is given the caveat that the original cast of Smoke Signals must return, particularly Adam Beach. However, this turns out to be a difficult task to accomplish.

My Thoughts on Hey, Viktor!

While Hey, Viktor! is inspired by the 1998 film Smoke Signals, and features cameos from cast members Gary Farmer and Irene Bedard, the film is not required viewing to enjoy Cody Lightning's often hilarious mockumentary. While many of the film's moments are inspired by true events, such as Cody waking up the night after a party naked and covered with feces, it can be said that Cody Lightning is playing a very heightened version of himself.

Cody is joined by Hannah Cheesman (The Animal Project) as Kate Columbo, Cody's white friend, who believes herself to be half Cherokee. Conway Kootenay, whose most notable previous credit is as a stunt performer on The Revenant, plays Cody's Uncle Reggie, whose answer for getting money for the film production often involves thievery, and actor Simon Baker plays a fictionalized version of himself, who is quite resentful of Cody. Then there's a brief, but memorable performance by comedy legend Colin Mochrie (The End of Sex) as the angry and foul-mouthed documentary producer Craig Broner.

Hey, Viktor! is a film that uses its comedy to poke fun at the idea of fame and celebrity. The fictionalized version of Cody Lightning believes that he is such a big deal because he appeared in Smoke Signals as a kid, but at the start of the film, it is shown that the only “acting” roles he has been getting are in gay porn. Speaking of which, Cody Lightning is not afraid to appear nude on multiple occasions in the film, often to much comic effect. While the comedy of Hey, Viktor! is a bit on the crude side, those who are a fan of Trailer Park Boys and other such mockumentaries, should find plenty to enjoy from Hey, Viktor!.

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