Becoming Bond

George Lazenby tells the story of how he became the only man to play James Bond just once in . George Lazenby (played in reenactments by ) was born in a small town in Australian and after failing to graduate from school seemed destined for a life as a mechanic and car salesman. However, Lazenby traveled to London to find the love of of his life Belinda (Kassandra Clementi) and found himself in a career as a male model. This in turn lead to Lazenby swindling his way into the role of James Bond.

Structured like an Errol Morris film with a great sense of humor, Becoming Bond is a very tongue-in-cheek biography of George Lazenby, who became a punchline after he decided not to play James Bond more than once, which essentially ended his acting career on the spot. The film is built around the central interview with George  Lazenby, illustrated by very lighthearted and comedic reenactments, featuring appearances from the likes of Jane Seymour, , and Dana Carvey.

While Becoming Bond may be drawing a fine line between a documentary and a fictional biopic, there is no denying that this is one incredibly entertaining film. The story of George Lazenby is a once in a lifetime tale of someone who went from a nobody in Australia to one of the most iconic pop culture figures, only to throw it all away. Becoming Bond is definitely one of the most unique and funny biographical documentaries you will see.
8 / 10 stars
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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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