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Take a peak into the private life of comedian Gottfried in Gilbert. In his public persona as a standup comedian, Gilbert Gottfried is known for his squinty-eyed appearance and his very crude and politically incorrect jokes. However, at home Gottfried is a very shy and softspoken guy, who has been adjusting for the last decade to his new role as husband and father. Today, Gottfried balances his busy work schedule with his family life at home.

With his unmistakable look and voice, Gilbert Gottfried is probably one of the most well-known comedians from the last few decades, whether it be his small roles in Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Problem Child, voicing Iago in Aladdin, or infamously breaking into the Aristocrats joke during a 2001 roast of Hugh Hefner. However, off the stage Gilbert Gottfried is a much different person and in Gilbert he shows off a side of himself that many people don't get to see.

Director Neil Berkeley follows up his previous documentaries Beauty is Embarrassing and Harmontown with a very candid look at the life of career of Gilbert Gottfried. Having married his longtime girlfriend Dara in 2006, Gilbert now adjusts to his new life as husband and father to two kids. While there are many moments of Gilbert that are quite hilarious, the film also provides a very poignant look at the man behind all those foul-mouthed jokes.

8 / 10 stars
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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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