The Girl Down Loch Änzi

Girl Down Loch Anzi

A Swiss farm girl is curious to learn the truth about a local legend in The Girl Down Loch Änzi. Laura is a 12 year old girl, who lives with her family of a charcoal burners on a farm in the Swiss mountains. Laura has becomes obsessed with the local legend of the Änziloch Maiden, who can reportedly be found in a cave at the bottom of a deep gorge. Together with her new friend Thom, Laura comes up with a plan to go down into the Änziloch and discover the truth.

The Girl Down Loch Änzi is a somewhat charming coming of age documentary, about Swiss farm girl Laura’s quiet obsession with the local ghost story of the Änziloch Maiden. Laura narrates the diary entries she write every day on her laptop, which details her quest to find out the truth about this legend. On top of this, develops a bit of a crush with the new farm practice boy Thom, who ends up being equally curious about the Änziloch Maiden.

The Girl Down Loch Änzi takes place over the course of a single summer and can be viewed as a tale about Laura coming into her own while living on his Swiss charcoal farm. While The Girl Down Loch Änzi is a relatively innocent story, I do have to warn that this film features a quite graphic scene involving the killing and skinning of a rabbit. However, graphic content aside, this is still a pretty charming little film.

7 / 10 stars
7 6  FAIR  

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