Assholes: A Theory

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The book by Aaron James forms the basis of this exploration of the concept of assholes in . Aaron James is a professor of philosophy, who wrote the New York Times bestseller “Assholes: A Theory,” which describes assholes as people that allow themselves special advantages, an entrenched sense of entitlement, and immunizes themselves against complaints. Featuring interviews with a number of experts, and actor John Cleese, James' book is used as the basis for an exploration of assholes in today's society.

In Assholes: A Theory, filmmaker John Walker asks the question of what exactly it means to be an asshole. Examples used in the film include asshole behaviour being used in comedy, sexist behaviour within the RCMP, and of course, assholes who become leaders of countries. Then there is the new breed of assholes that are arising in the form of trolls on social media, which are almost impossible to stop.

Assholes a theory

At the very least, I would say that Assholes: A Theory is an interesting look what exactly constitutes being an asshole, with one of the definitions being that real assholes don't know that they are one. It is also interesting that John Walker decided to make John Cleese one of the central talking heads of the film, with Cleese giving input beyond the comedy elements that are his forte. By the end, Assholes: A Theory does really say anything about assholes that you wouldn't already know, but I would say that it's worth a watch.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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