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The family of one the biggest Mafia turncoats speaks out in . In the mid-1980s Tommaso Buscetta broke the Mafia code of silence, when he became the first high ranking mob boss to turn against Cosa Nostra. Through his testimony, over 400 Mafiosi and he and his family went into hiding out of fear of retribution. After remaining silent for three decades, members of Tommaso Buscetta's family finally speak out about their experiences.

Our Godfather is a true crime documentary, where filmmakers Mark Franchetti and Andrew Meier tells the story of the one of the biggest Mafia turncoats in history. With the help of Tommaso Buscetta's wife Cristina and surviving children, who still live in hiding under aliases, the events that lead to Buscetta testifying against the Mafia and subsequent life in witness protection is broken down, with the help of home videos and courtroom footage.

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Our Godfather is a documentary that can be described as a real life crime thriller that shows that life in the Mafia is not at all like it is depicted in the movies. Deciding to testify against a rival Mafia boss, Tommaso Buscetta's decision to break the Omerta code was the hardest he had to make in his life and he ended up spending the rest of his life living with the consequences, as 11 members of his family was killed in retaliation. Altogether, Our Godfather is a must-watch for fans of true crime, just be warned that the film features some graphic content.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
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