The Seer and the Unseen

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An Icelandic seer tries to protect a lava rock formation in . According to the folklore of Iceland, seers are people with “second sight,” who can communicate with elves and other spirits that live among us. Ragnhildur “Ragga” Jónsdóttir is one such person, who has been told by her elf friends to protect the Gálgahraun Lavafield, a holy place that is about to be the sight of a new road. Along with fellow environmentalists, Ragga campaigns to ensure at least part of this lava rock formation is preserved.

Seer and the unseen

In The Seer and the Unseen, filmmaker Sara Dosa combines Icelandic folklore with an environmentalist crusade. The film neither asks you to believe in elves, nor does it pass any judgement onto Ragga for her belief that there are elves living all among us. Instead, The Seer and the Unseen is a film about preserving our natural resources and finding compromise that suits everyone's needs. Altogether, The Seer and the Unseen is a magical environmental film that may result in you looking for the invisible folk that live around us.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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