I Told You So – TIFF 2023

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A somewhat apocalyptic ensemble drama marked by its increasingly hazy and yellow visuals, though the recognizable presence of Danny Huston ends up being a distraction.

I Told You So – TIFF 2023

In Rome, during a January weekend a sudden heatwave arrives. The sun is initially pleasant, but the heat quickly escalates to a frightening degree, resulting in people and animals losing self-control.

The interconnected stories of multiple people in Rome during a heatwave are told in I Told You So. It is January, yet Rome is engulfed in an unseasonal heatwave. During this blistering hot day, Gianna () reignites her obsession with her ex-best friend Pupa (), an aging porn star. Gianna is dependent both on her daughter Mila () and also on priest Father Bill (), who is dealing with a visit from his sister Fran () to bury the ashes of their estranged mother. Father Bill is also the sponsor for recovering addict Caterina (), who has lost custody of her son to her ex ().

I Told You So Synopsis

I Told You So is a multi-plotline Italian drama co-written and directed by Ginevra Elkann. The film follows a half dozen or so protagonists during a heatwave in Rome. The visuals become increasingly hazy and yellow and buckets of sweat drip off as tensions rise between the various characters.

My Thoughts on I Told You So

Probably the biggest thing I told away from I Told You So was the surprise at seeing a very recognizable American character actor, Danny Huston (Children of Men, Wonder Woman) appear in a bilingual role among the predominantly Italian ensemble. Huston being the most recognizable actor in the film actually ends up being somewhat distracting. However, I Told You So ends up a somewhat apocalyptic ensemble drama marked by its increasingly hazy and yellow visuals.

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