Legions – Fantasia 2022


Legions – Fantasia 2022

Otherworldly demons and magical bloodlines threaten to reshape the world in LEGIONS, an ingenious Argentinian folk horror powder keg by Fabian Forte (DEAD MAN TELLS HIS OWN TALE). While evil forces descend on Argentina, humanity’s best hope, a once-legendary shaman (Germán De Silva, WILD TALES), is confined to an insane asylum, powerless to avert the demonic resurrection.

An elderly shaman seeks to save his estranged daughter from demonic forces in . Antonio Poyju (Germán De Silva) was once a powerful shaman and mediary between worlds. However, he now finds himself admitted to a mental hospital, where his fellow patients are putting on a play based on Antonio's life story. However, when a red moon takes over the sky, Antonio fears for the safety of his estranged daughter Helena () and tries to find a way to get to her and reignite the magic within her.

Legions is a horror-comedy written and directed by Fabian Forte (Dead Man Tells His Own Tale), which tells the story of the shaman Antonio Poyju, played by Argentinian character actor (The Two Popes). A demon known as Kuaraha, which previously claimed the life of Antonio's wife, has now targeted his daughter Helena, who has forgotten all about her mystical past for corporate office life. However, unbeknownst to Helena, Kuaraha has already entered her life, and Antonio has to find a way to get out of the institution he has been admitted to save her.

Similar to Fabian Forte's 2017 film Dead Man Tells His Own Tale, Legions is a film that is reminiscent of the films of Álex de la Iglesia, with maybe a little bit of The Evil Dead thrown in. While there are aspects to the plot of Legions that leave a lot to be desired, particularly lengthy flashbacks of Antonio telling his life story, the film does feature some solid creature effects. While not a particularly memorable film, Legions is a horror-comedy that still has its moments.

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