Mademoiselle Kenopsia – TIFF 2023

TIFF 2023 Review Mademoiselle Kenopsia
An interesting highly experimental work by Denis Côté.

Mademoiselle Kenopsia – TIFF 2023

Runtime: 01:20
Set on carrying out her task with dedication, a woman is obsessed with watching over anonymous interiors and occupying them. She becomes an echo of how we relate to time, solitude and the melancholy of forsaken spaces.

A lone woman watches over large empty spaces in . Mademoiselle Kenopsia () occupies a sliver of space in a large unknown building, occasionally taking phone calls from her distant supervisor. She is mostly alone, except for random encounters such as a mysterious woman () monologuing about cigarettes or an EDM-accompanied encounter with a man () installing security cameras.

Mademoiselle Kenopsia Synopis

Mademoiselle Kenopsia is the latest hybrid of documentary and narrative from writer and director Denis Côté (Vic + Flo Saw a Bear, A Skin So Soft). The film consists predominantly of static shots of the rooms of this large building, often accompanied by ghostly lighting effects, with narrative vignettes featuring the titular character played by actress Larissa Corriveau (Viking).

My Thoughts on Mademoiselle Kenopsia

Quite reminiscent of his 2014 film Joy of Man's Desiring, Denis Côté's Mademoiselle Kenopsia is more a contemplative experience than a film with a cohesive narrative. Based on the dialogue and the use of lighting trickery, Mademoiselle Kenopsia can vaguely be interpreted as a ghost story. The mostly scoreless film is at its most interesting during a sudden EDM record drop during a scene, reminiscent of a similar moment in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Ultimately, Mademoiselle Kenopsia is an interesting highly experimental work by Denis Côté.

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