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Print teams up with in the buddy action-comedy .  Washington plays an undercover DEA agent named Robert Trench, who is trying to trying to bring down a Mexican drug lord named Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos).  His partner Michael Stigman (Wahlberg) wants to rob a bank Greco have been regularly depositing money into.  Little does Trench know, Stigman is a naval intelligence officer, who is ALSO working undercover for his commanding officer Quince (), who ordered Stigman to rob the bank. When Trench and Stignam rob the bank, they find about 40 million more dollars than they were expecting.  They also attract the attention of a man named Earl (), who wants the money back at any cost.  Trench and Stigman find themselves on the run, as they work together to resolve the mess they find themselves in. If there is one major positive aspect of 2 Guns, it's that Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg have impeccable chemistry with each other.  This was a fun film to watch and much of it comes from the comedic banter between the two, with Washington being the straight man and Wahlberg being the crazy sidekick.  The two of them definitely make a great team together. That said, other than the buddy comedy, there is nothing all that noteworthy to say about the film.  The plot is something you have seen in countless films of this ilk and it doesn't really bring anything new to the table.  While this isn't exactly a bad thing, I would argue that the film doesn't really leave much of a lasting impression and I already began to forget it after leaving the theatre. I do have to say that the film did seem a little heavy on the villain quotient.  I don't see Bill Paxton much anymore in films, so it was nice seeing him show up as the lead villain of the film.  Also, I would say that Edward James Olmos was also good in his secondary villain role.  However, there are some other villainous characters in the film that seemed more like a means to an end and almost seemed shoehorned into the film.  Then there's Paula Patton as Trench's supervisor/love interest Deb, who comes off as someone, who is somewhat important to the plot, but is ultimately in the film solely because there are no other major female characters. There's not really all that more to say about the film.  I guess I will conclude by saying that I think that 2 Guns will probably make for a fun afternoon at the movies, even though you are likely not to remember too much about it after it is over. 7 | FAIR 

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Sean Patrick Kelly
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