Captain America: The First Avenger


Captain America is the final of the interconnected Marvel comics films leading up to next year’s release of The Avengers.  I still think it’s amazing the they had the patience to set-up The Avengers over the course of five separate films in a four year period.  At this point, I don’t think I need to say that you should stay after the credits for the debut of the first teaser trailer.

As for Captain America itself, it was definitely an interesting film.  Even the film has a World War II setting, it still looks and feels like it is a modern superhero film.  It helps the the evil Red Skull (played excellently by Huge Weaving) has created futuristic weapons with the help of a mysterious cube (familiar to those who stayed after to credits of Thor).

I definitely found it interesting how Captain America’s look was a combination of an army uniform and how he looks in the comics (though there was a homage to his “classic” look).  I’d be interesting to see how this look is updated next year for The Avengers.

Overall, I thought that Captain America was a decent film, even though in the end its main purpose was to set-up a film that comes out a year from now.  Still worth seeing, if only for Hugo Heaving’s awesome villainy.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
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