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District9PosterThis film, which is a expansion of director Neill Blomkamp’s 2005 short film Alive in Joburg, was essentially consolation by producer Peter Jackson for the Halo film (which Blomkamp was supposed to direct) falling through.

I think a lot has been said about how this is supposed to reference apartheid in South Africa, so I will move more onto the format.

The film starts off in the form of a documentary (with some shaky hand-held camera work), before moving to a more classical narrative.

I found that the film was a quite good sci-fi/action film. However, was just the backdrop for the human rights message in the film, since you are supposed to sympathize with the aliens.

Overall, despite some motion sickness I got for the camerawork, this is definitely the sleeper film of the summer and it is well worth checking out.


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Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly
Sean Patrick Kelly is a freelance film critic and blogger based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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