Where the Wild Things Are


Where the Wild Thing Are is one of the most beloved children’s books and I am sure that there are many people (myself included) that have beloved memories of the story from their childhood.

Spike Jonze (one of most imaginative directors currently out there) was given the task of converting this very pictorial story to the big screen.

The story will be familiar to anyone who read the book.  A boy named Max feels neglected in his home life, so escapes to a world where he is king among the various monsters that roam there.

It is not explicitly stated the this world is all in Max’s mind, but it can be assumed that each of the monsters represent a different one of Max’s feelings.  As such, I believe that this film can be seen as an interesting look into the mind of a child.

In the end, this was a touching film that has more depth than most family films and it would definitely be worth checking out (and the monsters looked pretty good in the IMAX screening I went to).


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