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Okay! (The ASD Band Film) – Hot Docs 2022

Okay! (The ASD Band Film)

Okay! (The ASD Band Film) – Hot Docs 2022

OKAY. (The ASD Band Film) follows the members of The ASD Band, four talented autistic musicians, as they embark upon the challenging journey of writing their first original album and gearing up to perform in their first live show.

First Runner-Up: Rogers Audience Award

A rock band made up of young people on the autistic spectrum prepare for their first album and performance in Okay! (The ASD Band Film). Rawan Tuffaha (vocals), Jackson D. Begley (vocals/guitar), Spenser Murray (drums), and Ron Adea (keyboards) are four individuals on the autistic spectrum, who have come together to form The ASD Band. Working together with music director and bass player Maury LaFoy, the ASD Band are in the process of recording their first EP.

Okay! (The ASD Band Film) is a documentary directed by Mark Bone, and produced in cooperation with the Jake’s House Charity. The film individually profiles each member of The ASD Band and how being on the spectrum has impacted their lives. These life experiences go into the lyrics of the band’s songs, which they get the chance to showcase when they get their first ever gig at The Opera House in Toronto.

As someone on the autistic spectrum myself, Okay! (The ASD Band Film) is the type of documentary that can help to destigmatize what it means for someone to be autistic. As they are profiled, each member of The ASD Band are shown to be at different points along the autism spectrum, with it even being commented on at one point that the drummer Spenser doesn’t feel autistic due to how high functioning he is. Despite their differences, The ASD Band are four brilliant minds who have learned to work together, which makes Okay! (The ASD Band Film) a very uplifting and inspiring documentary.

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Trailer for Okay! (The ASD Band Film) – Hot Docs 2022

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