On the Line – Fantasia 2022

On the Line

On the Line – Fantasia 2022

Seo-joon, loses everything to voice phishing and infiltrates an organization in China to meet Kwak Pro, the designer behind this phishing system.

An ex-police officer infiltrates the voice phishing ring that took everything from him in . Han Seo-Joon () is working on a construction site when his wife is the victim of a phishing scam that empties everything from their bank account. Han soon learns that everyone on the site was a victim of fraud, with the total losses totalling $3 million. Using his contacts as a former police officer, Han tracks the phishing ring to its Chinese call centre, where he finds that the scams are developed by the sadistic Gwak ().

On the Line is an action-thriller directed by the duo of Kim Sun and Kim Gok, which tackles the problem of voice-phishing scams in South Korea. The plot is set in motion when fifty workers on a construction site lose their life savings after the boss gives the employees' personal information to a fake insurance company. When his wife gets hit by a car after being scammed, Han Seo-Joon wants vengeance against those responsible and sets out to infiltrate the phishing ring.

One the Line utilizes research into real-life fraud cases to illustrate how these phishing scams work, with the call centres using multiple scripted operators for a single victim. On the Line ends up being a solid thriller with a very over-the-top villain in the form of Gwak, who has one big scene where he is gleeful about scamming job applicants. If anything, On the Line will have you thinking twice about who you give your personal information.

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