A sound designer finds refuge from broken relationships with her ex, her colleagues and her mother in the studio, where she can spend hours recording Foley and wild tracks, editing and mixing. But is her brain starting to slip out of sync?

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A sound designer's life falls into chaos when a delay develops between her vision and hearing in . Sound designer and foley artist C. () starts to notice a delay between her vision and hearing, which begins to affect her work, as noticed by her co-workers Iván () and Aurora (Cris Iglesias). Taking some time off work, the delay between C.'s vision and hearing begins to increase, to the point where she can hear voices from the past. Unable to live a normal life, C. tries to figure out why she has this affliction and more importantly how she can cure it.

OUT OF SYNC is a film co-written and directed by Spanish filmmaker Juanjo Giménez Peña about an unnamed sound designer, credited only as C., who literally finds her life going out of sync. There isn't too much that can be said about this film, other than the fact that OUT OF SYNC is a film that relies almost entirely on its sound editing, where the audience experiences the same delays as the protagonist, with her condition highly suggested to be both hereditary and psychosomatic. Overall, OUT OF SYNC is an interesting film, to say the least.

OUT OF SYNC is screening as part of the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival

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