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A seductive vampire stalks victims in a carnival in Parasite Lady. Miranda (Arrielle Edwards) is a vampire who awakens daily in a seedy nearby and seeks out victims from a nearby carnival. However, Miranda encounters Catherine (Ali Chappell), whom she desires to be more than just a victim. However, this goes against the wishes of the watchful eye of Lady Death (Thea Munster).


Parasite Lady is the latest film written and directed by Chris Alexander (Queen of Blood, Necropolis: Legion, Girl with a Straight Razor). The film stars actress and model Arrielle Edwards (Verified) as the seductive vampire Miranda. Miranda's daily routine involves luring women back to her hotel room, before violently killing them. However, when Miranda brings Catherine, played by Ali Chappell, back to her room, she ends up making a different decision.


My Thoughts on Parasite Lady

Chris Alexander has become quite prolific as a filmmaker in recent years, often rolling out at least two productions a year. Part of the reasoning for this comes from how his films rarely surpass an hour in length. Running at just 42 minutes, Parasite Lady is no exception and is probably better described as an elongated short film (or a mid-length feature).

As is the case for most of Chris Alexander's films, Parasite Lady is a film that is told predominantly visually, with the protagonists of Miranda and Catherine only having a few lines of actual dialogue. The Giallo-like visuals, combined with the synthesized score by Chris Alexander and Aaron R. Moore do make the film a treat for the senses. Arguably the best scene of the film is the opening credits, which play as Miranda is standing and staring at the camera. With her vibrant red hair and often blank expressions, Arrielle Edwards gives a very hypnotic performance as Miranda.

My main criticism towards Parasite Lady is one that I've given most of Chris Alexander's films, in how the film is a lot of style with very little substance. I would probably end up liking Parasite Lady quite a bit more if it was double the length and had a much more traditional narrative structure. You can only get so far in telling the story of the film on visuals alone, as evidenced by the fact that Parasite Lady utilizes much repetition in Miranda's daily routine. There's also a vagueness to the role Thea Munster's Lady Death, a character who also previously appeared in Girl with a Straight Razor, plays in regard to Mirada's motivations.

Ultimately, I would say Parasite Lady is most notable for its visuals, music, and lead performance by Arrielle Edwards. While I probably don't give the film my full recommendation, the fact that it's short and streaming for free on Tubi does make it at least something worth checking out.

Trailer for Parasite Lady

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Parasite Lady (2023)
Runtime:52 minutes
Director:Chris Alexander
Country:United States
Lady Death
Production companies:
Rising from her coffin, an inter-dimensional female vampire prowls a run-down carnival hunting for love and human blood.
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