A relatively generic yet entertaining action-thriller.


A pilot finds himself caught in a war zone after he’s forced to land his commercial aircraft during a terrible storm.

An airline pilot crash-lands his and is forced to team with a prisoner to rescue his passengers and crew in Plane. Brodie Torrance () is a commercial airline pilot who is forced to land after being struck by lightning in the middle of a storm. After landing, Torrance and his crew realize they ended up on Jolo, a remote island of the Philippines ruled by heavily armed anti-government militias. While Torrance is off trying to call for help, the militias kidnap the crew and passengers. With the help of extradited prisoner Louis Gaspare (), Torrance has to try and rescue the passengers and get them off the island.

Plane Synopsis

Plane is an action-thriller directed by Jean-François Richet (Blood Father) starring Gerard Butler as an airline pilot trying to rescue his kidnapped passengers and crew, including co-pilot Samuel Dele () and head flight attendant Bonnie (). He is joined in his efforts by Mike Colter (Luke Cage) as Louis Gaspare, a prisoner with a military background. Back home, Special Forces officer Scarsdale () leads a rescue effort, including a mercenary team led by Shellback ().

My Thoughts on Plane

With its very basic singular title, Plane is a rather generic action-thriller not unlike most of the roles Gerard Butler has been taking on lately. I can't even remember the name of the film's antagonists, which I'll describe as “Evil Filipino Militia,” which seem to have an M.O. of kidnapping foreigners and demanding ransoms from their families. However, despite being generic, Plane still ends up being an entertaining film.

A certain level of tongue-in-cheek humour comes from Gerard Butler playing an airline pilot so dedicated to taking care of his passengers that he is willing to risk his life to save them. Though, calling the film Plane is a bit of a stretch since much of the film takes place off the plane on the island. However, by the end, the title still fits somehow.

In some ways, I can describe Plane as an Expendables film told from the perspective of the people they were sent to rescue. I almost wish there was more development for the team of mercenaries sent as part of the rescue effort, whose only real reason for being in the film is to provide firepower for the film's climatic shootout.

While Plane is ultimately an inconsequential piece of popcorn entertainment, it is still a film I recommend for people wanting mindless fun at the movies.

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