Project Wolf Hunting

Project Wolf Hunting
An entertaining and incredibly violent action-horror film

Project Wolf Hunting

Follows dangerous criminals on a cargo ship who are transported from the Philippines to South Korea, as they unleash a sinister force after an escape attempt leads to a riot.

An escape attempt by a group of dangerous criminals aboard a cargo ship goes awry when they unleash something much more sinister in . A group of dangerous criminals, including tattooed gang leader Park Jong-doo () and unassuming murderer Lee Do-il (), is brought aboard a cargo ship extraditing them from the Philippines back to Korea, watched over Captain Dae-woong () with a small team of police officers on board including detective Lee Da-yeon (). However, while the ship is in the middle of the ocean, the criminals stage a violent escape. However, in doing so, they also unwittingly unleash the Alpha (), a genetically modified killing machine secretly smuggled into the ship.

Project Wolf Hunting Synopsis

Project Wolf Hunting is an action-horror film by writer/director Hong-seon Kim. The film's plot starts like an ultra-violent mix of Con Air and The Raid before going in a much more horror-oriented direction akin to “Resident Evil meets Halloween.” Throughout the narrative, we learn about the shady genetics company that has secretly developed superpowered monstrosities with the instincts of wolves. When the Alpha wakes from his tranquillized slumber in the ship's depths, he leaves behind a bloody path of carnage.

My Thoughts on Project Wolf Hunting

It is probably safe to say that Project Wolf Hunting is not a film for weak-stomached individuals since the film is quite relentless in its bloody carnage, as pools of blood on the floors of this cargo ship. The film establishes a clever MacGuffin in the first half of the film, making it appear that the sadistic and extremely tattooed gang leader Park Jong-doo, played by K-Pop star Seo In-guk, would be the main antagonist of the film. However, Project Wolf Hunting soon reveals that the Alpha is a much more deadly threat and cops and criminals have to team together to try and get off this ship alive. This includes Lee Do-il, played by Dong-Yoon Jang, who is the most sympathetic of the criminal on board the vessel and is hiding some secrets from his past that connects to the current situation.

I don't want to get too much into the revelations made in the final act of Project Wolf Hunting, but it is pretty evident by the end that director Hong-sun Kim is setting this film up to be the first chapter of a new franchise. This includes introducing the shady genetics company CEO (Lim Ju-hwan) as a figure pulling the strings in the background.

Altogether, Project Wolf Hunting is an incredibly entertaining, if not very violent, action-horror film.

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