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A girl reminiscences about her first love in . Lin Truly (Vivian Sung) is a shy high school student, who is pining over Ouyang (Dino Lee), the most popular boy at the school. After an incident involving a chain letter, Truly is forced into a reluctant friendship with Hsu Taiyu (Darren Wang), a feared troublemaker. However, Truly begins to see Taiyu for who is really is and the two begin to develop feelings for each other.

It can be said that Our Times can be described as a Taiwanese take of the typical story of a girl falling for a guy from “the wrong side of the tracks.” The film is essentially one giant flashback, as the older Truly (Joe Chen) finds her life in a bit of a rut and he reminisces about what could have been. Even though Hsu Taiyu has a hard-edged exterior, he slow reveals himself to be a caring individual. However, he can't seem to shake his reputation as a trouble-making delinquent, which may spell doom for his relationship with Truly.

Our Times is representative of the “what if” stories that goes through many people's heads when the reminiscent about their time in high school, particularly when it involves their first love. Often when you truly have feelings for someone, who often don't realize it until it's too late. Despite a somewhat long 134 minute running time, Our Times is a pretty decent reflection on the high school experience and someone's first true love.

8 / 10 stars
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