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My Egg Boy – Reel Asian 2016

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A young woman tries to find love before her biological clock runs out in . Mei-pao (Ariel Lin) is a young Taipei woman, who works in a frozen dumpling factory. Following a sudden break-up, Mei-pao begins to feel the pressure put on her to find true love and have a family, with her deciding to freeze her eggs as a precaution. Mei-pao begins a working relationship with chef A-Shi (Rhydian Vaughan),which quickly becomes romantic, despite their different ideologies.

My Egg Boy is a somewhat quirky romantic comedy about a woman desperate to find love before it is too late for her biologically. She seems to find the perfect match in A-Shi, even though he tends to disdain the frozen foods that she loves so much. Meanwhile, Mei-pao's frozen “Egg Boy” (Huai-Yun Zhan) has his own romantic adventures, as he courts an Egg Girl (Lyan Chen).

On the surface, My Egg Boy is a bit of a strange film, particularly when it comes to the subplot involving talking female egg cells, living together in a fertility clinic. However, the film does make repeated “fresh vs frozen” metaphors, particularly when it comes to the pressure put on women to find true love while they are still able to bare children. Overall, My Egg Boy is a decent enough and crowd pleasing romantic comedy.

8 / 10 stars
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