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A young man travels to Vietnam in search of his father in . In 1981, Thi Vo escaped Vietnam with his mother, while his father was caught and thrown in jail. Growing up in Calgary with no connection to his father, Thi decided to make the trip to Vietnam and track down his father. Accompanied by his friends Daniel Nguyen, Kaleb Tekeste, and Lai Nguyen and only having pictures and an address of a family friend to help it, Thi makes the journey in search of his father.

Made in Vietnam is a documentary about a young man trying to locate his birth father after being separated from his for over three decades. With his mother long having since ceased contact with his father, Thi is forced to do some detective work to find the location of his father. While it initially seems like the search might come to a premature end, Thi follows some leads and ends up with more than could have been suspected.

Made in Vietnam is ultimately a documentary about reconnecting with your heritage after being separated from it for many years. At first it seems like Thi Vo's search for his father will not yield a positive result, however it isn't long before he finds more than he bargained for, with the film ending up being a very heartwarming documentary about reconnecting with long lost family.

8 / 10 stars
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